A Taxing Quiz

– A Florida State Senator has proposed a 2 cent-per-roll tax on toilet paper to pay for wastewater treatment. Governor Jeb “Am I the only one in the family who hasn’t been President yet?” Bush said if toilet paper is taxed, people might use less of it. This is:

[ ] A crappy idea
[ ] Really scraping the bottom
[ ] A tax idea that should be flushed
[ ] Other ___________________

– In order to get people who don’t pay their property taxes to ante up, the tax collector in a city in southern India is sending groups of drummers to play non-stop outside their homes until they pay. After one week of drumming, 18% of those owing back taxes paid up. This is:

[ ] A great way to drum up tax dollars
[ ] Gainful employment for kids playing in drum circles in the parking lot at Phish concerts
[ ] Even sillier than taxing toilet paper
[ ] All of the above

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