I Ain’t Afraid Of No Hard Drive

If you’ve got a ghost in the machine, a Japanese company has the answer — a USB ghost detector. Just plug GhostRadar into the back of your computer and it will beep and flash red lights when a ghost looks over your shoulder to read your email. Yuichiro Saito, Vice President of SolidAlliance, says, “This is not a game. This is a measuring device.” Just to be safe, they’ve built in a 512 meg USB memory storage device, a great place to save the photos you snap of your ethereal visitors. GhostRadar will set you back US$185 in Japan and is on the way to the U.S. It joins the company’s popular Sushi Disk, a USB thumbdrive that looks like sushi, and i-Duck, which has a glowing rubber duckie on it. Coming soon to a USB slot near you: the NoBugz bug zapper; Wend-eez, the thumbdrive that looks like a severed thumb covered in chili; and i-Hunt, which has a derringer attached so you can shoot the i-Duck on the back of that other guy’s computer.

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