I Heard The News Today, Big O!

– An Indiana University professor says all 20 leading theories on female orgasm are hogwash and that it has no evolutionary function, it exists merely “for fun.” Since when did anything fun need a scientific excuse?

– By order of the city council, May 9th was declared Orgasm Day in the small town of Espertantina, Brazil. Mayor Felipe Santolia says they’ve been unofficially celebrating orgasm day for years but it’s now an official municipal holiday, meaning everyone in town gets off that day.

– The movie Kinsey has been released on DVD. It stars Liam Neeson and was written by Bill Condom. I mean, Condon.

– Finally, it turns out size does matter, at least if you’re a fish. A study of mosquitofish finds that females definitely prefer well-endowed males. Unfortunately having large fish genitals means they can’t swim as quickly — think the increased drag of Ron Jeremy without Speedos — and hence they don’t live as long as their less-endowed fish friends. Who says longevity matters?

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