Yeah! We’re Not Going to WallyWorld Again!

Looking for something different to do on your summer vacation? Visit the Museum of Foreign Debt at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s the only place in the world where you can learn about the dangers of borrowing too much foreign money by exploring a spongy “black hole” which represents where the money ends up. You’ll be thrilled by the play kitchen with its empty refrigerator and freezer that symbolizes *gasp* the International Monetary Fund. You’ll scream with delight at the exhibits documenting Argentina’s economic hell, from its first monetary default in the early 1800s to the Big One in 2001 that led to — yes! — catastrophic economic collapse! Before you leave, make sure to stop at the gift shop filled with worthless pesos, unaffordable Argentinean beef, and a Madonna dartboard, the perfect way to seek revenge for her butchering Evita. It’s cheaper than Disneyland and more educational than a month in the DeBeers Diamond Mines. Call your travel agent today!

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