Don’t Trust Anyone Over 39 Years To Go

Scientists say we’re acting younger than our parents did at the same age. This explains why the population is aging, yet people seem younger. Warren Sanderson, of the University of New York in Stony Brook, explains that if you measure age by how long you still have to live rather than how many years you’re lived so far, “The average person can get younger in the sense that he or she can have even more years to live as time goes on.” Got that? Good. From now, on instead of saying you’re 20 years old you’ll say you’re “59 years to go.” Where before you didn’t trust anyone over 30, you can now figure they’re okay, but people over 40 aren’t trustworthy. You’ll be considered a teenager if you’re between 8 and 14, middle age will be shifted to three-quarters age, and in order to be elderly you’ll have to be dead.

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