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My Three Suns – Scientists have discovered a planet that has three suns. Not moons, suns. Named HD 188753 Ab — that’s what happens when all the good names like Uranus, Pluto, and Earth are already taken — it’s the first planet found with more than one sun. When word got around, Oakley Sunglasses, Coppertone, and Levolor all said they’d love to advertise on the side of the space shuttle should it venture into the area. Well, that is if it ever takes off again.

From Fertile Minds – China is sending pig sperm into orbit. Scientists are planning to send 40 grams of pig semen into space when the Shenzhou VI spacecraft launches in October. The sperm comes from pigs found in an area in southwest China that are “famed for their physique and for the quality of their meat.” Ron Jeremy, please call NASA.

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