Lingua Mortua Sola Lingua Bona Est *

Mel Gibson, energized by a hit movie completely in Aramaic — a language nobody’s spoken since about 500 BC — decided he was onto something. That’s why the new movie he’s about to start shooting, Apocalypto, takes place 600 years ago in Mexico and will be entirely in the extinct Mayan tongue of Yucateco. Probably with subtitles in Tasmanian. If crowds turn out for a movie in a language they don’t understand that doesn’t even mention Jesus — at least not a mention anyone will understand — don’t be surprised to see Gibson continue his Dead Language Film Festival by releasing epics in Coptic, Pelasgian, Klingon, and Pig Latin.

* The only good language is a dead language.

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  1. Elindomiel

    I realize that this post is very old. However, I’d still like to mention that I know some people who speak Aramaic. 🙂 They come from Iraq.

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