Better Bras Or Bust

Like the combustion engine, bras have been around for a long time with just minor improvements. Okay, Wonderbra excepted. But that’s changing. China’s biggest lingerie manufacturer, which makes more than 60 million bras a year for big time labels including Victoria’s Secret, has been trying out new paddings, including air (which can go flat), oil (expensive and heavy), and the stuffing they use in ski parkas. Hey, it’s better than using a rare Greenwing parrot like a Florida woman got, uh, busted for when she stole it by stuffing it down her bra. Meanwhile in Japan they’ve come out with the Warm Biz Bra that’s lined with warm, fuzzy fabric and has gel-filled bra pads that can be heated up in a microwave. Toasty ta-tas, indeed! But look to Hong Kong for the next generation of bras. After all, you can get a degree in bra studies at Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University. Which brings up another question: How do you break the news to Mom and Dad that you’ve changed your major from law to bra studies?

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