Early Xmas Gift Ideas

It’s never too soon to start making your Christmas gift list. Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to procrastinate and wait until Christmas Eve to actually buy the stuff. To get you started, here are two early ideas:

1. Know someone who needs a French Fry Holder for their car? Who doesn’t? It sits in what used to be a cup holder, holds your fries (hence the snappy product name), and even has a little cup for ketchup. Now where to put that Western Bacon Cheeseburger while you’re trying to dial the cell phone….hmmmmm

2. A U.S. company is set to market socks made of corn. You know, the stuff they make cornbread, popcorn, and that cob thing out of. They’re being released in Japan because, well, there must be suckers born there more often than every minute. If you already have corns on your feet, keep your eye out for the new bunion socks coming soon.

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