When Your Cat Doesn’t Match Your Sofa

Years ago in Philadelphia I saw a T-shirt that read: “Good art doesn’t match your sofa.” To this day I regret not having bought it. Now it turns out that the same concept is a valid reason to drop your pet off on the side of the road. When Britain’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals investigated 530 complaints of animals being abandoned, some of the reasons given included: “My cat doesn’t match my new carpet” and “My dog doesn’t match the new sofa.” I wonder if anyone thought of buying a new carpet and sofa?

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  1. Anonymous

    just in case you still want the t-shirt…www.fredbabb.com

    it is sad we cannot put the people that put their pets out out or better yet, make them spend just one night caged up in a shelter.

    sometimes it seems people don’t deserve to have pets at all!

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