Would You Like Fries With That Sell-Out?

The new Monotony — I mean, Monopoly — Here and Now edition is being released tomorrow, and among the changes are that instead of railroads you’ll land on and buy airports, when you pass Go you’ll collect a whopping $2 million, and that Fenway Park, Times Square, and the White House are all up for sale. Hey, you can even build a hotel on the White House. Best of all, instead of your game piece being a dumb old cannon, iron, shoe, or thimble you can be a Toyota Prius, an order of McDonald’s fries, a New Balance running shoe, a cup of Starbucks coffee, or a Motorola Razr cellphone. A spokesman for Hasbro says they chose not to brand all the tokens to minimize concerns that the new Understated edition would be too commercialized. In spite of the product placement, they’re still charging $30 for the game.

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