Selling Improved Snow To The Eskimos

The Senate plans to vote next week on a proposal to raise the fuel efficiency standard to an average of 35 mpg for cars and trucks by 2020, an increase of about 10 mpg over current levels. And yes, we’re talking 13 years from now. Auto executives are trying to get it defeated, claiming it would hurt business. They should quit their short-sighted bellyaching and take a tip from the music and movie industries. When record companies put out an improved product — the CD — everyone went out and bought new copies of all the record albums they already owned. At a higher price, no less. When movie studios started putting movies on DVD people went to see the movie, then paid a second time when they bought the DVD. Hey, Detroit! Wake up! Put out a radically improved super high efficiency car — heck, call it the CD — and people will buy it. You’ll make money. It will help the industry, not hurt it. Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about piracy. No one can download a car illegally and drive it, or make a copy and give it to their friends. Yet.

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