Gee Mr. Wizard, What The Hell Is That?

Scientists, ever on the march to discover new things — or in lieu of that, create them — have crossed a rabbit with a poplar tree and come up with a transparent frog. Relax, those are two separate experiments. First, scientists at Hiroshima University bred see-through frogs to let them see the amphibian’s internal organs and blood vessels without dissecting it. Killjoys. Then scientists at the University of Washington stuck a rabbit gene into a poplar tree and got a tree that wiggles its leaves, hops around, and eats lettuce. Just kidding. Actually it sucks up and destroys toxic chemicals from the air and water better than regular trees. Now if they can manage to cross one of the clear frogs with a bunny tree they could wind up with a transparent tree that eats flies. And to think, they’ll have to wait a whole year before the next round of Nobel Prizes are handed out.

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