Honesty Is The Best Game Show Winning Policy

The game show Nothing But the Truth has been a hit in Colombia. After all, who doesn’t want to see someone hooked up to a lie detector confessing their deepest, darkest secrets in the hope that they’ll win up to $50,000, especially when they admit to things like drug smuggling and homosexual prostitution while their loved ones are in the studio audience? Unfortunately the show was pulled off the air after the October 2 broadcast because Rosa Maria Solano admitted she had hired a hit man to kill her husband. True, he was tipped off and high-tailed it out of town, but still. The Fox network says it still plans on launching the U.S. version, called Moment of the Truth, in a couple of months, since they believe honesty is the best policy. And for some people, the best chance to win $50,000.

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