The Smell Of Desperation

Tired of counting on cocktails to find a mate? Is online dating wearing your fingers out but not uncovering your soul mate? Come on, this is the 21st century, use DNA. A Boston-based company, Love Sciences, will analyze your DNA and match you up with someone who has different immune system genes from yourself. They say this means they’ll have opposite pheromones, which according to the company means your partner will smell sexier, you’ll have a more satisfying sex life, woman will have more orgasms, you’ll have healthier children, and you’ll be less likely to cheat. All for only $1,995.95. Alas, it won’t cut your hair , keep your car shinier, or grill without fat, but it does mean you and your prospective partner both have money to burn and, after all, isn’t it important to find someone who’s in a similar financial position?

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