Now That’s A Stretch

French scientists have created a self-healing rubber band that, if it breaks, can be repaired just by pressing the edges together for a few minutes. And it can be repaired over and over and over. Now how about using it for something more useful, like tires, balloons, and condoms?

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  1. M

    Mad Dog, what not even one comment about what this self healing rubber band is made from? A waste product of urine? I don’t care if they can make it synthetically I won’t be buying these things at office depot!

  2. Mad Dog

    According to the news article it’s made from “fatty acids like those found in vegetable oils, and urea, a waste compound in urine that can be made synthetically.” [Italics mine]

    Now ain’t that a pisser…

    It’s safe to go back to Office Depot.

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