Fly Me To The Moon (In A Paper Airplane)

Japanese origami experts have created a paper airplane they hope to launch from space and fly to Earth. It’s no average paper airplane. An origami master spent 18 months figuring out how to create it from a single sheet of paper without cutting, stitching or taping it. Hell, he should have just asked a third-grader. Since the prototype survived a test that included Mach 7 speeds and temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has agreed to fund three years of feasibility studies to the tune of $300,000 a year. That’s a pretty nice living. Hey, I have an idea! Why not throw a Frisbee on the moon? Or see how a hula hoop works in weightlessness? Wait, wait, wait! I have it. How about seeing how the origami crane that flaps its wings, which I still remember how to make, works in the space station? If it helps, you can PayPal my monthly funding to me.

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