Setting Records

1. Maxi Mounds, a Florida stripper, finally made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest augmented breasts. She’s a 36MM, with each breast weighing 20 pounds.

2. Monta Mino received a certificate from the Guinness World Records for “Most hours of live television by a host in one week.” Mino is the regular host of a 11 live-broadcast programs, showing up on the tube for a total of 22 hours and 15 seconds every week. Take that Reeg!

3. A jumbo black watermelon was sold in Japan for a record $6,100. It’s a bargain when you consider that a pair of “Yubari” cantaloupes sold recently for $23,500. None of them, however, were as large or weighed as much as Maxi Mounds’.

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