The Roadside Attraction Economic Index

How bad is the economy? One day Paulson says it’s okay, the next Bernanke claims it’s tanking, and all the while Bush thinks it’s peachy keen. But according to the Roadside Attraction Economic Index, it’s mixed. The Mystery Spot was packed this past Sunday, all tours through 7:00 pm being sold out by 1:00. On the other hand, two roadside attractions are up for grabs. First is White’s City, New Mexico, which is for sale. Yes, the whole town, which includes two motels, an RV park, a post office, a grocery store, two restaurants, a gas station, an opera house, and the Million Dollar Museum with its statue of a Woolly Mammoth, barbed wire collection, two-headed animal freaks, human skulls, and mummies. Too much real estate for you? Maybe you should bid on H.G. “Ben” Hartman’s house in Springfield, Ohio, which comes with two lots across the street and his popular folk art rock garden in the back yard, complete with miniature buildings, a castle, and cool sculptures, all for about $57,900. Two attractions for sale. It doesn’t bode well for the S&P Index this week.

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