And You Thought Your Old Computer Stinks

Asus has announced the new F6, a laptop computer that comes with an Intel Core2 Duo Processor, built-in WiFi, Windows Vista, a fingerprint scanner, and its own scent. Honestly. It’s available in four versions: pink Floral Blossom, Musky Black, pastel green Morning Dew, and Aqua Ocean, though the company’s press release notes that “The lifespan of fragrance depends on actual usage.” While teen girls will love them, the geeks will, uh, turn their noses up at it until the company comes out with scents they can relate to, like Pepperoni Pizza, Red Bull, and Five-Year-Old Unwashed Chuck Taylors.

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  1. Lauralyn

    I think the jocks are waiting for eau de ‘bowl hugging and regret’

    You are hysterical, I can’t stop laughing!

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