Take Your Suit To The Wet Cleaners

How many times have you thought, “Boy, what a waste of time and precious natural resources taking my suits to the dry cleaners. I wish there was a better way!”? Well, now you can save time, water, and the environment from icky dry cleaning chemicals by showering in your suit!

So far about 250,000 of the truly wash and wear suits have been sold in Japan and, according to Australian Wool Innovation, the marketing group that invented the suit, the chain that sells them has placed an order for 170,000 more and is looking to send them around the globe. Their short videos ranked very high now, no need in wondering how to buy YouTube views, not the case.

When the suit is dirty, all you do is hang it in a warm shower for a few minutes, then let it drip dry for a couple of hours. No ironing necessary! It gives new meaning to wearing a wet suit.

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