Fly The Friendly (And Safe) Skies

When the CEOs of Ford, Chrysler, and GM flew to Washington to hold out their tin cups and ask Congress for a bailout, they all took private jets. Separate ones. This caused Rep. Gary Ackerman to comment that “It’s almost like seeing a guy show up at the soup kitchen in high hat and tuxedo.” Like a lot of big corporations, the three companies have policies requiring their CEOs to travel in private jets “for safety reasons.” Hey, you wouldn’t want them to ride in one of those unsafe commercial airplanes like the rest of us do, now would you? If they were really serious about getting a handout they would have carpooled in one of their cars. If they consider them safe, that is.

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  1. Jason

    How much time is lost by the GM representatives when they have to check in for a flight two hours early, or when the GM representatives are not to talk about business during the flight due to insider trading concerns?

    The question is what is lost? When 12 people fly on a private jet it costs about $20,000. When 12 fly commercially to DC it costs about $12,000. Is a $8,000 savings worth the time lost?

    Isn’t it really worth it in the long run?

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