Linguistic Cleansing, And So On

The town council in Bournemouth, England, has had a “plain language” policy for the past two years that includes a list of Latin words and phrases their members should avoid using. They recommend saying “the other way around” instead of vice versa, “genuine” for bona fide, and “and so on” in lieu of etc. Speaking of which, the City Council of Salisbury told staff members to avoid using French phrases, e.g.—whoops! I mean, such as—”in lieu” and “fait accompli.” Hey, at least it’s not as bad as the town council that earlier this year banned the word “brainstorm” because it might offend people with epilepsy. From now on they should all stop using the word council, which comes from the Latin concilium, and call themselves “elected assembly,” which they could shorten to “morons” or “idiots.”

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