Is It Getting Crowded In Here Honey?

1. When a woman in Wheaton, Illinois, was evicted from her one-bedroom apartment, Animal Control Officers had to be called because it turned out she kept rabbits there. Sixty-nine of them, to be exact. It wasn’t her fault, they multiplied like, well, rabbits.

2. Michelle Duggar of Rogers, Arkansas, gave birth on Thursday. To her 18th child. The kids range in age from 20 to 2 days. Remember, abstinence makes the house appear larger.

3. When authorities investigated complaints about the noise and smell coming from a two-room apartment in Berlin, Germany, they discovered a 60-year-old man and his pets—1,500 budgies and parakeets. The uncaged birds lived on rods and flew around the apartment, which not surprisingly was covered in inches of bird poop. According to Spiegel, “Officials say the man will have to move out of his apartment, which is now uninhabitable.” Yeah, because it was habitable so before.

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