It Smells Like An Infomercial To Me

Scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi have created a polyurethane film they say can be used on a car so that if it’s scratched, it will repair itself in an hour when exposed to sunlight. The coating is 99.99% standard polyurethane with the other 0.01% percent being a four-molecule oxetane ring and chitosan, which is closely related to chitin, a tough material found in lobster and crab shells. They say the new coating can be made in any color, it should be able to heal itself indefinitely and, worst case, the car would remain scratched but taste great with melted butter.

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  1. Eastcoastdweller

    How odd that I just read about chitosan today, on my own blog, (molecule of the month) and then stumble across it on yours.

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