Terra Firma Incognito

California Assemblyman Joel Anderson has introduced a bill (AB-255) that would force online maps like Google Earth to blur many state buildings. In order to prevent terrorism, of course. If the bill passes and works, maybe they can extend it to blur shoes, belts, and liquid containers over three ounces so we can get through security faster at the airport.

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  1. DataGuyWhoLikesItClear

    The Muslims blur their women’s bodies and faces for one reason only, to show their power over them. Blurring satellite maps only shows this jerk has the power to screw with other people’s lives. The terrorism angle is absurd. GPS coordinates were ‘blurred’ at first for the same reason, now they aren’t and we haven’t had a deluge of GPS directed bombs or attacks.

    It is a shame people who take from the community under the guise of protection (All conservatives) are allowed to use the patriotism label to hide their true motives (I believe it’s mindless anal retention gone wild).

    The contra argument explains what’s wrong with his reasoning as there is little to show that ‘terrorists’ are plotting their death attacks using google earth. With it blurred they’ll have to actually walk around their targets, geesh, what a deterrent at the cost of blurring photos that have a value unblurred. Why not fund thousands of armed guards for the threatened facilities like they do in Iraq, at least we’d get some jobs out of his political idiocy.


  2. Ken in Gainesville

    While I would oppose such a ridiculous piece of legislation, Google Earth should not be too sanctimonius. They have voluntarily agreed with the imperialist Chinese regime to block images of occupied Tibet. Why the double standard (p.s. that’s a rhetorical question.

  3. BigWhiteDog

    The issue is simple for me. I don’t want Google or anuyone else showing details of my private property. I live in an isolated area, like my privacy and don’t want people poking into places they don’t belong. Absolute freedom is anarchy.

  4. thelex

    FACT: blurring google earth will NOT make it any harder on anyone who WANTS to commit terrorist acts. excuses for the bill are vague and mr. anderson has provided only one instance in which google earth is used to initiate a terrorist attack. well, i’ve flown since 9/11, how about you? mr. anderson needs to waste california tax payers money in a more useful way.

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