Here, Catfish, Catfish, Catfish!

With the California budget crisis threatening to close many state parks, PETA has stepped up and offered to pay to keep Pescadero State Beach open. Well, as long as it’s renamed Sea Kitten State Beach. “Pescadero means ‘the place to fish’,” PETA’s Manager of Campaigns explained, which of course they don’t like. They think the term “sea kitten” will make people want to cuddle, pet, and walk fish—I mean, sea kittens—rather than eat them. It could work, though naming the brand Chicken of the Sea never stopped anyone from eating tuna. Right, Charlie?

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  1. jjgotts

    For me it's usually Chicken of the Sea in the afternoon and Bumble Bee in the evening. But it's always Star-Kist right before the dawn.

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