Shrouded In Mystery

A new documentary claims that the face on the Shroud of Turin isn’t, in fact, Jesus Christ, but rather a photographic self-portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci done 400 years before Kodachrome was invented (R.I.P.). Lillian Schwartz, of the School of Visual Arts in New York, used computer scans to discover that the face on the shroud has the same dimensions as Da Vinci. Researcher and author Lynn Picknett said: “It is spooky, it is jaw-dropping – it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened.” The eradication of polio, George Bush leaving office, and making it through the Y2K bug intact notwithstanding.

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  1. Anonymous

    of course, the other school of thought is that the image on the shroud is that of a Templar Knight. And the evidence points to that more than DaVinci as the shroud was in the possession of descendants of this Knight for a while before all that "It's Christ" nonsense.

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