Can I Just Twitter Until I Need A Tutor?

A researcher at the University of Stirling in Scotland says her testing shows that Facebook makes you smarter while Twitter makes you dumber. To be more exact, Dr. Tracy Alloway found that Facebook, video war games, and solving Sudoku all enhance your “working memory”—the ability to remember and use information—while Twitter, text messaging, and watching YouTube weaken it. To make it easy to figure out what these activities are doing to you, complete the following assessment:

A. Facebook, Video War Games, Sudoku
5 pts for each hour per week = __________

B. Twitter, Text Messaging, YouTube
5 pts for each hour per week = __________

SUBTRACT (B) from (A) = ___________

If the result is a positive number, your leisure and social networking habits are making you smarter. If they’re negative, you’re getting dumber. Adjust your time appropriately. If you have an exam coming up but need more help then consider doing tutoring.

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