If Only Sushi Could Talk

A researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara reports that when a dead salmon he bought at a local market was put in an fMRI scanner and shown a photographs of humans displaying different emotions, the scan indicated parts of the fish’s brain lit up. Proof the fish was still thinking? Or does it show that even salmon have a sole? According to study leader Craig Bennett, who had previously scanned a pumpkin and a dead bird to no avail, it simply shows how easy it is to get misleading results from an MRI. Maybe they should try the experiment with Richard Heene, Balloon Boy’s father, and see if they discover any brain activity there.

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  1. Eastcoastdweller

    Oh, Heene has got a brain all right — you watch and see if he doesn't make a million bucks out of this thing with a show, a movie or a book.

    It will be the buyers of his production who have no brains, while he merely can be said to have no soul.

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