Like A Mood Ring For Stock Brokers

Ever sat around trying to decide whether to buy or sell a stock? If so, you need “The Rationalizer,” a gadget created in the Netherlands by Philips Electronics and ABN Amro bank. You just put on their “EmoBracelet” and—voila!—you turn into a gloomy, whiny, suicidal singer. Just kidding. Actually it’s a galvanic skin response sensor—think the finger part of a lie detector or Scientology E-Meter—that measures how much you’re sweating, then sends a signal to an “EmoBowl” on your desk that glows yellow, orange, or red depending on how emotional you are. Supposedly it helps warn you when you’re being too emotional to be rational about the stock trade, but since it can’t tell positive from negative emotions, you might just be excited, not irrational. Think of it as an expensive Mood ring. Or another executive desk toy like the Newton’s Cradle, those suspended metal balls that bounce side to side as they hit the others.

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