What’s An Aging Doll To Do?

You might remember that a few years back Barbie dumped Ken after 43 fun years together, then took up with an Australian boogie boarder named Blaine. Well it didn’t work out —go figure—so they brought Ken back a year later. So what’s Ken up to these days? He’s a Palm Beach Sugar Daddy. Yes, that’s what Mattel is calling their new doll: “Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken.” He wears white pants and a patterned green blazer, has a George Hamilton tan and a coif that trumps Donald Trumps’, and walks a little white dog. Mattel says the $81.99 doll got its name because the dog is named Sugar and Ken is the dog’s “daddy.” Uh huh. Sure. Right. They also say the doll, which is due out next April, is intended for adults. Can the Apocalypse be far behind?

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