If If Looks Like Kangaroo And Tastes Like Kangaroo, It Must Be A Chip

Smith’s Crisps, an Australian potato chip manufacturer, recently held a contest in which people suggested a new chip flavor, then everyone voted for their favorite. The winning suggestion was worth $30,000 plus 1% of sales. Late Night Kebab, Caesar Salad, and Buttered Popcorn were all outvoted by BBQ Coat of Arms, a kangaroo and emu flavored potato chip. Needless to say, there’s an uproar over it, saying it degrades native wildlife and that ”It implies that it is perfectly OK to kill kangaroos and emus, just for fun!” Smith’s says the new flavor honors the native Australian animals. Not to mention that the chips don’t actually contain any emu or kangaroo and are, in fact, okay for vegetarians. What’s the big deal? Here in the U.S. you can buy Eagle brand Condensed Milk, Old Glory pet food, and Bush baked beans.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yo Maddog…Mike and Alison in San Francisco…how the hell and where the hell are you these days?

  2. Chiara

    It implies that it's okay to kill them for food.
    I blogged about this too, I think people are being ridiculous, and I'm Australian.

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