It’s Like Disneyworld With A Swedish Accent

If you’re one of those people who own all of ABBA’s records, listen to them daily, and have watched “Mamma Mia” so many times you no longer have any friends, you should jet to London and visit ABBAWORLD. That’s right, there are 25 rooms—over 30,000 glorious sq ft!—full of ABBA-bilia, including costumes, a recreation of their recording studio, even the helicopter from the cover of the “Arrival” album. You can take interactive quizzes, remix their records, and of course buy everything in the gift shop. If it’s successful, look for Phase II to include a full fledged theme park, with rides like the Dancing Queen, which is like Dance Dance Revolution in drag, the Fernando bullfighting ride, and the Waterloo, which will make you feel defeated and be the last ride you ever go on. Go ahead, take a chance on them!

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