You Have A Call…And Will Be Relaxed…And Have Larger Breasts….

Have you ever wondered, “Why do I still have ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ as my ringtone? Can’t I have something that will actually do me some good?” Well, your wish has come true. The Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory has released a series of what they call therapeutic ringtones that have become popular in Japan. Among the 27 ringtones are ones that ease stress, improve memory, cure insomnia, lessen a hangover, help you lose weight, quit smoking, ease hay fever symptoms by dislodging pollen if you hold the handset up to your nose, increase a woman’s breast size, and even one to frighten away a threatening crow. All they need now is one to make sure you don’t stop and wonder why a short ringtone you hear every once in a while could actually do any of those things.

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