Can I Just Watch 3-D Until I’m Buzzed?

Samsung’s new 3-D televisions come with a health warning that pregnant women, the elderly, people under the influence of alcohol, those with serious medical conditions and the sleep-deprived “should avoid utilizing the unit’s 3-D functionality.” Apparently in some cases it can cause an epileptic seizure or stroke.¬†The warning goes on to say that children and teenagers “should be closely supervised when viewing these images” because they’re more likely to experience side effects like¬†dizziness and disorientation. Sounds like a reason they’ll want to watch, which really isn’t so bad. After all, it’s safer than huffing or doubling up on Adderall and at least the kids are home and you know where they are.

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  1. Lesha

    Took the kids to see “How to Train Your Dragon” in 3D. Spent the first 30 minutes struggling against the mind-altering effects of the view, then, as with other altered-state experiences, just settled in until it was over. Emerged from the movie theater unable to speak clearly, feeling bubble-headed and without depth perception for the drive home. Also vaguely remember saying something to my 8-year-old, like, “Wo, dude, my head feels like a balloon. How ’bout yours, man? Weird, hey? Let’s get a snack.”

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