It’s A Stylus, It’s A Snackfood, It’s A Stylus AND A Snackfood!

Winter’s almost over here in the U.S., and iPhone users are rejoicing since they don’t have to have frozen fingers when they use their phone in cold weather. See, you can’t use an iPhone (or new iPad) while wearing gloves, and the Apple warranty doesn’t cover chilblains or frostbite. But take heed for next year and stock up on Maxbong sausages from South Korea. It turns out the meat sticks make a great stylus for the iPhone because they work with the capacitive touchscreen. Before you run out to 7-11 though, be warned that Slim Jims, Hickory Farms summer sausage, and Hebrew National Salamis don’t work, so for now, at least, you’ll need to order the genuine Maxbong from Case Crown for only 99 cents each.

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