Why You Should “Do No Evil”

A guy walks into Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s office and says, “I have no privacy when you do this.”  Schmidt says, “Don’t do this.”

But seriously, folks. A while back, when asked how adults can clean up any Internet-based record of their youthful indiscretions, Schmidt semi-joked: “Change their names.”  Then last week, in a CNN interview with Parker Spitzer, he said that people who don’t want their homes to appear on Google’s Street View should “move.” Interestingly, that exchange has disappeared from both the video posted on CNN’s site as well as the transcript. Yet amazingly your house is still on Street View. And those incriminating photos of you at that party are still on Google Images.

The moral? It’s easier to edit an interview than your online life.

Thank you! Drive safely. And don’t forget to tip your waitress…we’ll know it if you don’t.

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