Royally Screwed

Forget March Madness, if you have April Angst over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming wedding, there are a slew of smartphone apps custom-made for you, from one that counts down the days to several that keep you updated with every bit of minutiae they can find. There’s even one that wakes you to an alarm of God Save the Queen while displaying a William and Kate fact for you. Coming soon, an app to remind you that Kate’s name isn’t Diana, another to help you catalog and keep track of the commemorative thimbles, toothbrushes and Silly Bandz you bought, and one that tracks her car at all times and alerts you if she rides through any tunnels in Paris.

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  1. Christopher Redmond

    Tunnels In Paris is my new favorite band name. It has to be driving music, with a lot of unexpected stops…

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