Would You Like Change For That Glowing Dinosaur Skeleton?

Ever fumble around in the dark looking for change and have a hard time telling which one is a quarter? Your troubles will be over soon. Well, if you’re in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint (motto: “We sound like an ice cream flavor but we’re not”) has announced that it will be issuing a glow-in-the-dark quarter soon. On one side will be Queen Elizabeth — who won’t glow — and on the other side will be an image of a dinosaur that, in the dark, will be replaced by a glowing image of its skeleton. The quarter will cost about $30 U.S. And you wondered why their one dollar coin is called a “Loonie.”

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  1. El Hombre

    Actually, it is an ice cream flavor adopted by California police….Royal Canadian Mint CHPS.

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