With A Little Help From My Friends


After his surprise visit to Baghdad on Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (2nd from the right — no, not that photo, that’s Ringo) couldn’t resist recreating the cover of The Beatles Abbey Road album as he walked across the tarmac of Baghdad International Airport with members of his staff. “I wanted to do the butcher version of their Yesterday and Today album but I found out Hilary already did that in Lebanon last year,” he said. “While it’s hard to top the great job Madeleine did with the Help album in Germany, I can only hope I get to do the Sgt. Pepper’s cover before my term is up.”

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  1. Jjgotts

    Your blog………a long and winding road.

  2. Mad Dog

    Glad you didn’t say a “Long and windbag road”….

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