Pass On, Passover, What’s The Difference!

For the first time, Jews in Israel can smoke cigarettes that are kosher for Passover this year. Last month a private group which certifies foods as kosher said Noblesse, Time, and Golf brand cigarettes may now be smoked during the holiday without guilt. Okay, with less guilt. A spokesperson, when asked whether it was appropriate, said, “Nu? You want to kill yourself? Far be it for us to tell you what to do. Go ahead, kill yourself slowly. Is it any of my business? You want quickly, maybe? The hardware store down the street, my brother Moishe works there, maybe he’s got kosher D-con. Tell him I sent you, he’ll give you wholesale. Feh!”

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  1. Jjgotts

    Thanks for saving me a conversation with my mother today.

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