Who Wants To Be A Quadillionaire?

When Chris Reynolds checked his PayPal account recently he was surprised to see that he had been credited with a payment he wasn’t expecting — $92,233,720,368,547,800. I’ll save you the trouble of counting the places. That’s $92 quadrillion, which is 1,300 times greater  than the annual gross domestic product of the entire world. Unfortunately Reynolds, who buys and sells car parts online, saw that his available funds were zero. So much for paying off his bills, the national debt, Willie Nelson’s tax bill, Donald Trump’s hairspray tab and still having the more than $91 quadrillion left over as mad money. Just to rub it in, the next day PayPal sent him a notice asking him to update his credit  card information since the card had expired. I hope Reynolds enjoyed it while he didn’t have it.

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