You Speak. I Rule. And Then You Shut Up.

judge-judyAfter months of threatening, House Speaker John Boehner filed a lawsuit against President Obama for what he calls abuse of the president’s executive authority relating to the healthcare law hereinafter known as Obamacare. In spite of his earlier threats to include Obama’s new immigration order in the lawsuit, in the end it wasn’t a part of it, though one Republican official says it’s still under consideration. Another proposal, intended to save money, time, and the American people’s dwindling patience, is to take it to Judge Judy. With luck it will be on next Wednesday’s show. It will be quick, painless, and much funnier. Then we can get on with our lives and back to discussing important things like Kim K’s butt.

(Thanks Jeff!)

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  1. jjgotts

    I assume that comment about Kim K’s butt was meant tongue-in-cheek?

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